Management Education today is classified under technical education. As business, industry, manufacturing, technology and financial eco systems are moving up to international levels, there is urgent need for our country to develop, prepare and train the new human resources like the kind of world managers who are competent and confident to manage the new business environs. For this to happen, it will be necessary for our management education to be relevant to the world standards.

As our country is becoming fast paced with technological revolution 4.0, there is greater responsibility on the part of academics to train future managers who need to keep pace with and engage with the technological revolution too.

Presently, as the emerging Indian business systems are getting integrated in to global economy, there will be exponential changes in fields of business and technology. Indian entrepreneurs, technocrats and business professionals will become influential game players in the global scene. To support and further strengthen these developments, our management education system must produce graduates who are adept at handling innovative business models and are well trained to operate in this vastly changing and severely competitive international environment.


MITK has developed Management programs, precisely based on these requirements. Located within the state of the art campus at Moodlakatte, the MBA course is planned keeping in view of the management curriculum incorporating traditional as well as current global standards to produce graduates who could eventually become world business leaders. We emphasize on developing international perspective with critical skills of change management and innovation.

Department of Management Studies aims at providing quality education to the students from all over India. Over a period of time MBA Department has made a leap of progress in multiple dimensions and management fields of variety.

MITK offers dual specializations in the streams of Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. MBA classroom teaching is supplemented by projects, seminars, Guest lectures, forum, mini projects, assignments and industrial visits. In the course of internship programs, students are exposed to multiple challenging real life situations. Summer internship helps student in gaining first hand industry experience.

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